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Lyvwell serves as a top fee developer and fee-for-service developer. From site acquisitions through permitting and construction management, each project is delivered in timely, cost-effective manner.

Development Services

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Are you a land owner looking to get exposure to the BTR asset class?

LyvWell Communities offers land owners the ability to contribute land into a partnership that will develop and manage BTR communities. The land may be entitled or unentitled, and in either case, the LVW Development team will execute all facets of the project from planning and construction to asset management and disposition.

Are you a homebuilder looking to remove land from your balance sheet but maintain the vertical construction profit margins?

LyvWell Communities will acquire land from home builders and allow them to fee build the homes for the creation of a BTR community. This allows the homebuilder to monetize the land and recycle proceeds into other projects while maintaining the profit margins on the housing construction. Furthermore, it reduces some of the sales and G&A costs since there is only one buyer instead of multiple homebuyers.

Do you have excess land in your large commercial development that can be offloaded?

LyvWell Communities acquires excess land from larger commercial projects that are not the core focus of the developer, which allows them to monetize the excess land. The BTR product can be effectively laid out on irregularly shaped sites that may not be suitable for other real estate uses.